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Why Copper Jewelry is good for you?

Copper as a metal has long been used by the humans. It was the first metal ever used by the humans. Middle Eastern artisans of the 5th & 6th millennia BC used Copper for various things including jewelry, tools, vessels, utensils & weapons.

Besides being useful as a metal, copper also kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Copper was used to sterilize wounds in around 2500 BC.

Anti-bacterial & anti-microbial nature of copper has been long proved & is now considered as a fact & drinking water in copper vessels or wearing copper jewelry is now advised specially by the doctors. According to the Copper Development Association (CDA) copper is essential for iron utilization, nerve function, enzyme systems, energy production & skin pigmentation in the body.

You can yourself experience this specialty of copper by giving it a try as a utensil or as a jewelry.


Alia Impex Overseas is a manufacturing & wholesale exporting firm of Copper Jewelry in Moradabad INDIA. It was established in 2011. You can reach out to us with your queries at or at +919837041904. Learn more about us here.


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